The Gameplan


What is the GamePlan?

In our lives we live out our faith everywhere we go. In fact if you ever been around sports, whether it be basketball, baseball, football, or swimming you will hear the players use the phrase, "Home Field". So our question to you is, where is your "Home Field"?

Our goal in the GamePlan is to give you the tools you need to live out your faith on your "Home Field", in fact the GamePlan is designed to give you the "Home Field Advantage". At the GamePlan we discuss issues that are happening in your life and how the Holy Spirit has given us all the playbook (Bible) to make the right calls in our life.

Now, you do not have to like sports to understand that Life is a challenge, the GamePlan will give you the tools you need to win. Come join us this Sunday Morning at 10am in Jeter Hall, as we dive into God's word and discover that He is put us in an awesome position to Win in Life eternally. 

Need more info about the GamePlan? Contact PastorJason by emailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.