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fca2Mission Statement

Faith Christian Academy is an extended ministry of Faith Christian Center and accepts the God- given responsibility of the home and the church to educate children. The purpose of this ministry is to educate the whole child - spirit, soul, and body. Faith Christian Academy is established on Biblical principles and uses the Bible as a standard to conduct its business. Faith is determined to use the authority of the Holy Scripture as the foundation for all educational practices.
Faith Christian Academy accepts God's commission to teach His ways to the next generation and to train up Christian leaders for all walks of life. Our school commits to this call of God and will pursue excellence in all areas in order to nurture, develop, and sustain our youth in God's calling for their lives. By God's help, Faith Christian Academy will empower students to be leaders who will seek God's will and be equipped to successfully meet the spiritual, relational, governmental, cultural, and intellectual challenges of their world.


Faith Christian Academy is a private, Christian School founded by the vision of the pastor, church board, and members of the Faith Assembly of God Church. It is accredited through the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS). This Assemblies of God school organization provides member schools an opportunity to be a part of an emerging national Christian accreditation association, which is recognized in Texas by TEPSAC and TANS and nationally by NCPSA. They are headquartered in Springfield, Missouri and function through an Executive Board and a Director.
Faith Christian Academy is also accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). SACS is the accrediting agency that services colleges and schools (both public and private) in 11 states in the southern United States as well as some schools south of the border.
Students in junior and senior high grades compete in various athletic events for boys and girls throughout the school year. Academic and fine arts competition is an annual event

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